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Heavy Tackle & Giant Black Marlin Fishing

Heavy tackle fishing for giant black marlin, blue marlin and other pelagic species is available seasonally. We recommend 3+ day live-aboard trips for heavy tackle fishing.

Tell me more… Heavy Tackle fishing is the ‘real deal’ when it comes to chasing BIG FISH. Trolling with large bait/live bait or lures on 60kg main line, providing up to 40kg of drag using specially designed 130lb strength fishing rods and fighting the fish from the chair.

Zulu has been specifically designed for heavy tackle fishing and the experienced crew onboard thoroughly enjoy sharing their extensive knowledge and tips with you. Whether you’re an experienced angler or a first-timer, we will walk you through the process!

What if I catch a giant? We’ll document your catch on film, so you can relive the experience anytime you like – this is also great for bragging rights back at home!


Tournament Fishing

Tournaments are held throughout the light and heavy tackle fishing season. Book your charter to coincide with a tournament and let us take care of the rules and regulations whilst you and your team anglers have the time of your life!


Champion Boat with the most released marlin – Overall Winner


Champion Boat with the most released marlin – Overall Winner

SEPTEMBER TO DECEMBER – Cairns, Port Douglas, Lizard Island, Cooktown.

Pricing ranges from AUD $3,600.00/day

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