Hello 2021! 

Fairly safe to say that we’re not the only ones that are happy to leave 2020 in the past.

The pandemic and border closures have forced us to re-think our travel and holiday plans, many of which included international destinations. Many of us had simply forgotten just how much Australia has to offer and now we’ve re-focused our travel plans to include exploring our own backyard. How great is that?!

Its no secret that Far North Queensland has some of the most incredible natural attractions and Port Douglas is on the ‘to-see’ list for many fellow Aussies this year – and for good reason!

Our fleet has busy hosting families over the festive season with scuba diving and snorkelling day trips to the outer Great Barrier Reef being a popular option.

Are you planning a visit to our region this year? 

Let us tailor a package for you. Dealing directly with us (the operator), we can assist you with everything from accomodation, on-land tours and attractions as well as what we do best. Reef fishing, light tackle fishing, guided snorkelling and diving and leisure on the water. Catering for a party of one or the whole family, we are here to facilitate your ultimate adventure!



With almost 3,000 individual reefs, 900 islands, and stretching for 2,600km there is no denying the reef is massive. This incredible living system can even be viewed from space. If you want to get an idea of size, then imagine the country of Italy lying just off the coast of Australia and you begin to get an idea of its vastness.

Attempting to list all the species here would be a challenge to say the least so here are some of the most impressive groups that the reef is home to:

  • 30 species of whale, dolphin, and porpoise
  • 6 species of turtle
  • 17 species of sea snake
  • More than 1,500 species of fish – incredibly, 10% of the world’s fish species inhabit the Great Barrier Reef.


The Daintree is one of the best biologically diverse rainforests in the world. Home to a huge percentage of the entire country’s animal population. This includes 30% of Australia’s frog population, 65% of butterfly and bats and around 12,000 different insect species. As well as being diverse, the animals are unique. Some of these species aren’t found anywhere else on the planet, including the Ulysses Butterfly, Boyd’s Forest Dragon, and the Southern Cassowary.

The plants are just as interesting, with over three thousand types of plant species existing in the rainforest. The diversity, complexity, and age of the ecosystem’s plant species are one of the greatest in the entire world. Out of the 19 primate plants families remaining on earth, 12 are found in this rainforest. The ‘Idiot Fruit’ is one of the most ancient plants that litter the rainforest, which thrived when dinosaurs wandered the earth. The trees tower over the area, with some reaching up to a whopping forty-four meter, almost the same size as the statue of liberty.

It acts as a gateway to one of the greatest tourist spots around; the Cape Tribulation. The Cape Tribulation is a coastal area within the National park and is bursting with unspoiled beaches with the beautiful reefs. It is a tropical heaven, untouched by urban development. The only way you can see this spectacular site is by passing through the rainforest, which acts as a protective border from the modern world.

Information sources/credit – Sightseeing Tours Australia

We look forward to welcoming you on board this year!

-Team Zulu