It’s our favourite time of year – MARLIN SEASON! 

September through until December is crammed solid with charter bookings between our vessels Zulu and Levante this year. More bookings = More marlin! We can’t wait!

We will also have our mother-ship Beluga out at sea, hosting numerous game boats and their guests of an evening. Fine food, indulgence and luxe’ accomodation is what its all about when packaging together your marlin fishing adventure with the addition of our mother-ship. These trips are once-in-a-lifetime and the Beluga crew are eagerly awaiting this season’s guests aboard.

For those of you who have been following our adventures for some time via our social media pages, you’ll know we like to stay rather active online and keep you all updated on the fishing front (when we’re in range!). If you missed a spot to get out there heavy tackle marlin fishing this year – we highly recommend following our social pages below for the latest action on the Great Barrier Reef – as it happens!



Check out the marlin action on our YOUTUBE CHANNEL HERE with over 20K views!

In the meantime… Get excited with a wrap up of our 2015 season on board Zulu.

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