Back in from our Coral Sea expedition alongside Beluga and Minke. We’ve travelled over 2000NM individually in the last couple of weeks down to Hamiton Island, the Swains Reef and beyond with a tight schedule and a few overnight trek’s into the big blue yonder.

Whilst I know everyone is awaiting reports of the fishing front, unfortunately we didn’t get a lot of time with the lines in the water between our other diving and exploring commitments. There were PLENTY of 10-20KG sized Yellowfin Tuna on the bite and the odd Wahoo and Dogtooth Tuna in the mix. Minke hooked up to a couple of small Blue Marlin on the lures and we boated a few Rosy Job Fish on the Daiwa electric reel from around 2000M + in depth.

Hamilton Island to the Middle Percy Islands then out to the Swain Reefs, Suamarez Reef, Frederick Reef, Kenn Reef then back into Lady Musgrave and Lady Elliot. We’re now travelling back up to Hamilton Island to welcome our next guests aboard for the trip back up to Cairns. Flinders Reef ex. Townsville is a possible destination during our next voyage.

Stunning Reefs and electric blue water were a common sight at these untouched destinations as well as exploring wrecks and discovering turtle tracks on nearly every sand cay with a surprise visit from a few baby turtles that had just hatched on the beach one night at Lady Musgrave and were making their way out to sea (Good luck little guys!). We’d love to get out there again and spend some quality time at each location and get stuck into the fishing as we’re certain there’s some serious fun to be had!

Drone Shots thanks to Megan | Beluga
All Images copyright – CJRE Maritime