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Zulu Destinations

Tropical North Queensland

Zulu Game fishing Charters operates primarily out of North Queensland in Australia.

Tropical Port Douglas is our home base, however we travel down the east coast of Queensland and seasonally all the way down to Port Stephens in New South Wales to follow fish migrations and ensure you are targeting the densest fishing grounds.

Queensland and in particular the Great Barrier Reef is one of the seven natural wonders of the world flourishing with fish and coral species, attracting visitors from all over the world. Our destinations include Townsville, Innisfail and along the coastline up to Cairns, Port Douglas, Cooktown and Lizard Island depending on the season.

Light tackle and heavy tackle game fishing is our speciality! July through until early September is ideal for light tackle fishing targeting juvenile black marlin, sailfish and other pelagic species. Late September through until early December is the best time for heavy tackle fishing, targeting giant black marlin as well as yellowfin tuna and dogtooth tuna just to name a few. Keen anglers from all over the world flourish to Far North Queensland to experience the adrenaline pumping action the GBR is famous for.

The Destinations

Port Douglas marina
The Crystalbrook Superyacht Marina in beautiful Port Douglas is home to Zulu Gamefishing Charters.

Port Douglas is located a scenic 50 minute drive north (70klms) of Cairns International airport. Port Douglas is the gateway to the Great Barrier Reef and the closest Port to the infamous Ribbons Reefs, which are renowned for their beauty and the ultimate fishing grounds. A combination of their location and the highly productive fishing places make the offshore reefs of Port Douglas the best destination for your fishing trip.

The far North Queensland area has long been recognized as the Black Marlin Capital of the world, with Cairns being frequently noted when world records are mentioned. Pacific Ocean Black marlin migrate annually to the reefs and waters off Cairns to spawn. The fishing grounds within this area are the only known spawning ground for Black Marlin in the world.

Port Douglas is the ideal departure point if you are interested in day trips. The inner reefs are a short distance offshore allowing you to maximise your fishing time in the dense and diverse waters of the Great Barrier Reef. Extended live-on-board trips are the way to go if you want to explore the Ribbons reefs and endless fishing grounds to really get the full experience and chase some targeted species.

Lizard Island is a secluded paradise unlike anywhere else is the world. The island, also known as “The Rock”, is formed by granite rock which is now a national park covering 1,013 hectares with 24 sandy beaches, a lagoon and an exclusive resort.

The island can be accessed via boat out of Cooktown or by air departing Cairns airport.

Over 7 days in October every year, Lizard Island is host to an international tournament run by The Lizard Island Gamefishing Club chasing giant black marlin which have recorded weights of over 1000lb. We have a few clients fortunate enough to be recognised as part of the prestigious ‘1000lb tag & release Club’. The Australian Game Fishing Association Club has a panel of judges that review submitted tag and release videos and induct anglers to the club based on a unanimous agreement to approximate weight. Do you want to join them?

The Ribbon Reefs are a long narrow winding series of reefs that are located about 60miles north of Cairns. These reefs are remote, majestic and thriving with sea life, they can only be accessed by predominantly larger vessels with the knowledge to navigate these exclusive areas. These series of reefs are the Jurassic Park of fishing, containing the largest and most densely populated areas of reef, sports and gamefish.

Fishing the Ribbon Reefs is something tick off the bucket list. This is the mecca of gamefishing locations! Contact us for more information.

Townsville is a hot spot for light tackle juvenile black marlin fishing in the cooler months between June and September. Cape Bowling Green is located 35 miles offshore and congregates large numbers of juvenile black marlin and sailfish weighing up to 100lb.

Townsville kicks off the commercial marlin season for North Queensland with the Townsville Game Fishing Club hosting its big annual Billfish Marlin Challenge in Aug/Sep. This tournament is popular for the novice angler wanting to get in on the action and have a tonne of fun in a tournament environment, as well as the more serious angler who wants to use lighter tackle and challenge themselves.

Blue, Black and Striped Marlin are diversly spread in both of these locations. Between January and March we travel down the coastline and fish heavy tackle out of Fraser Island and the Gold Coast for blue marlin as well as fishing in close on light tackle for juvenile black marlin that are bait feeding in huge numbers. (It is not uncommon to get upwards of fifteen black marlin a day throughout January in the Goldie).

Port Stephens is the place to be in February/March where the Newcastle & Port Stephens Game fishing Club is host to the Billfish Shootout and the popular NSW Interclub tournament. You can expect to see blue, black and striped marlin in the fishing grounds out of Port Stephens. Zulu will travel down to these locations if there’s enough charter interest/bookings so please contact us for availability.

Meet Zulu

54ft Assegai Gameboat - Fishing, Scuba Diving and Leisure

Meet Zulu

Zulu is a custom 54ft Assegai game boat which is specifically designed to carve through the toughest of oceans whilst providing comfort and doing it in style.

The vessel is fitted out with the most current and technologically advanced navigation and stability systems to ensure it provides the utmost comfort and reliability in any conditions.

More about Zulu

Meet Levante

44ft Assegai - Bottom fishing, Sports fishing & Leisure

Meet Levante

Levante is a 44 foot custom built ‘Assegai’ game fishing vessel which has been designed to incorporate both luxury and top notch fishing facilities. The boat has fished through numerous light and heavy tackle game fishing seasons along the east coast of Australia and has been fitted with the very best tackle along with heavily experienced crew.

More about Levante

Meet Beluga

Beluga is a 34.7M custom built Moonen explorer-style motor yacht.

Meet Beluga

Beluga is our 35M (114ft) Moonen Explorer Yacht. She is impeccably designed for travel and luxury, allowing guests to enjoy a 6 star experience whilst exploring the vast expanses of Australia’s oceans with a professional crew dedicated to ensuring your time on Beluga is a once in a lifetime experience. Beluga is also available as your mothership alongside our game boats for the ultimate GBR fishing and/or diving trip.

More about Beluga

Meet Minke

Minke is a 39.4fr Assegai custom-built express style sports cruiser

Meet Minke

Minke was specifically built and designed to support M.Y Beluga and offer a significant increase in options for our guests and travels primarily with Beluga as a fishing, diving and recreational addition to the fleet and has the ability to transfer guests quickly and efficiently between port/vessels.

Minke acts as a ‘day boat’, accommodating up to 8 guests plus crew with a maximum operational cruising speed of 27 knots ensuring you get to your destination in record time!

More about Minke