It’s been a busy few weeks between Port Douglas and the Gold Coast.

Our sister ship Levante is preparing to start fishing charters out of Port Douglas again. Luckily we didn’t receive any ill weather from Cyclone Nathan passing through north of us, However we did need to evacuate the Reef Marina and head up the creek in Dickson’s Inlet for a few nights just in case.

We’re now back down at Horizon Shores on the Gold Coast preparing for our upcoming Easter trip on Zulu. We’ll head north and fish our way up to Hamilton Island in the Whitsundays then make our way out to Flinders Reef, which is located 120 nautical miles out of Townsville for some diving and fishing, followed by a dive at the Yongala wreck. Luckily we have dive compressor’s inbuilt which allow us to travel to these remote locations and conduct endless diving adventures. The trip is expected to take a week and half until we arrive in Townsville, then we’ll be making our way up to Zulu’s new home base at The Reef Marina, Port Douglas.

Stay tuned for updates along the way!

Pic by: Tropical Travel – Yongala Wreck